Is Stress Zapping Your Health?

Is stress bringing zapping your health? Your tachometer in your car shows how stressed your engine is.  When I look at mine I always think I better not let me engine run in that red zone towards the far end.

Running your engine hard for a short period of time is not going to be detrimental to your car.  But, what if you were driving your car consistently in the “red zone”.  Do you think your car would be more vulnerable to break downs?  Most definitely!

The human body works the same way.  We have different stressors (thoughts, traumas, toxins) that rev our nervous system up into that tachometer “red zone”.  An over-stressed nervous system cannot run your body properly and thus we become vulnerable to breakdown in the form of: subluxations (misaligned vertebrae), nerve interference, weakened immunity, and vast array of symptoms and conditions.

As your chiropractor, I cannot see what stresses you have, but I can definitely see what the effects of the stress has done to your body in the form of subluxations, muscles tension, postural changes and spinal degeneration on x-rays.

Chiropractic adjustments help calm down the Sympathetic “fight or flight” stress response of your nervous system and turns back up the Parasympathetic “relaxed” state of your nervous system.  When you are in the Parasympathetic state your health is better.  Better digestion. Better immunity. Less pain and sickness, etc. Think of your chiropractic adjustments as kicking your nervous system into the next gear so it can handle the stress being placed on it.  This is when the tachometer reading goes back down to normal levels and your fuel efficiency increases.

Dr. Rob

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